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ALS Tyres is a reliable and affordable wheel balancing garage at Bracknell. We use technologically advanced balancing machines and have a team of trained experts who can promptly adjust your vehicle's unbalanced wheels with the appropriate counterweights.

Driving on imbalanced balanced wheels increases handling difficulties as well as the risks of accidents. To ensure maximum driving safety, it is imperative to avail of a routine precautionary wheel balancing check after every 5000-6000 miles. We even conduct this check as standard practice after fitting new wheels or tyres on a vehicle.

Why is wheel balancing important?

Wheel balancing Bracknell involves the equalisation of weight distribution across the wheel and tyre assembly so that it rotates uniformly even at a high speed. Even minor weight imbalances may cause the vehicle to sway or bounce, thereby reducing driving comfort and safety. Hence, timely wheel balancing checks are crucial and must not be overlooked.

Common causes of wheel imbalance

There are several factors that lead to improper weight distribution across the wheel and tyre assembly, like:

  • Manufacturing defects in tyres and wheels.
  • Impacts like hitting a curb or speed breaker or driving through a deep pothole.
  • The wheels' stem hole also deducts some amount of weight from one side of the tyre and wheel assembly.
  • Incorrectly fitted wheels.
  • Worn-out shock absorbers also lead to incorrect car wheel balancing Bracknell.

Whatever may be the cause, inadequately balanced wheels severely impair your vehicle's performance. Hence, drive down to our facility at the earliest if you experience any warning sign pertaining to imbalanced wheels. Any delay can further harm other related car components and may lead to hefty repair bills in the future.

What are the warning signs of unbalanced wheels?

  • Vibrations in the floorboards, steering wheel and seats.
  • Uneven and accelerated tread wear.
  • Uncomfortable driving experience.
  • Inefficient steering response.
  • Poor fuel economy.
  • Poor braking performance.

Who choose ALS Tyres?

At ALS Tyres, our experts specialise in both static and dynamic wheel balancing. Some of the steps that we follow are mentioned below:

  • We first mount the wheel and tyre assembly on our advanced wheel balancing machine and rotate it at a very high speed.
  • Our experts then note down the data and vibration readings that the machine generates.
  • Next, these readings are thoroughly analysed to find out the areas of disproportionate weight distribution.
  • Our experts then attach appropriate counterweights to balance the wheels with precision.

Please note: Wheel balancing is a standard procedure we carry out every time we fit new tyres to a vehicle.

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