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Tyres Alton

    Connected with A31, Alton is a famous market town in Hampshire. If you are in this civil parish and are looking for tyres Alton, consider visiting ALS Tyres.

    We have a wide range of tyres from popular brands like Bridgestone, Continental, RoadX, Blacklion, etc., so you can find the right fit even if you are looking for cheap tyres Alton.

    Let us have a look at some of the popular variants from our inventory –

    Summer tyres

    • A comparatively harder compound with less natural rubber content to optimally adapt to dry and wet road conditions.
    • The tread structure is shallower to enhance grip.
    • Wider outer ends offer efficient cornering control.

    Winter tyres

    • Softer compound with higher natural rubber content copes well with low temperature.
    • Deeper tread grooves pack snow for extra traction.
    • More grooves to prevent aquaplaning.
    • Denser sipes bite into the uneven ground for a shorter braking distance.

    4x4 tyres

    • A strengthened tread compound offers durability.
    • The high sidewalls enhance safety.
    • Aggressive tread patterns can drive through mud.
    • Excellent for off-roading.
    • 3 different varieties available – Mud-terrain, Highway-terrain and All-terrain.

    Besides these, we stock UHP, all-season, and run-flat tyres at our facilities. When buying tyres from us, you can also fix an appointment for mobile tyre-fitting Alton.

    So, bring your “tyre-fitting near me” search to an end and simply call on 01344 306893 and get your car tyres fitted at your desired location.

    Hunter wheel alignment Alton

    Need to get your car’s wheel alignment rectified but don’t have much time? Come to ALS Tyres! With the help of Hunter HawkEye Elite, we can identify misalignment in just 90 seconds.

    Our experts then rectify the camber, caster, and toe angles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Getting wheels realigned will help your car become more fuel-efficient and provide a smoother, and safer driving experience.

    We also offer other services like puncture repairs and tyre pressure checks. You can pick any of our three locations for your convenience to avail these services.

    For any query related to our services, call us on- 0134 430 6893.

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