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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


ALS Tyres offers a wide selection of winter tyres Bracknell at varied price points to choose from. Here a few examples of the premium tyre brands that we offer-

  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone, etc.

We also offer several budget and mid-range brands of winter tyres Bracknell which will be comparatively lighter on your pocket. These include:

  • Churchill
  • RoadX
  • Marshal
  • Blacklion, etc.

All these manufacturers offer tyres for different vehicle types and sizes, which means you have found the best results at ALS Tyres for your tyres near me searches.

Many of these tyre brands also manufacture tyres with Run-Flat Technology.

Why invest in a winter tyre set?

It is ideal to get winter tyres for your vehicle from the month of October up to March. There are a few elements to look for if you want to buy winter car tyres Bracknell -

Tyre compound

Winter tyres are made of a soft rubber material that is usually combined with silica. This allows them to stay soft even when the temperature is below 7-degrees Celsius.

The softer compound also does not become hard or brittle on snow, allowing improved handling performance and control. At ALS Tyres, you will only find quality winter tyres Bracknell.

Tread pattern

Winter tyres feature a very particular tread pattern to tread easily through water and slush. Grooves are also cut deep so that these units can also resist aquaplaning easily.


Winter tyres offer exceptional gripping power on ice, snow, slush and sleet, thus helping the car getting to a halt instantaneously when the brakes are applied. Manoeuvring and controlled acceleration also become easier on ice with a set of winter tyres Bracknell.

Changing tyres according to the season is essential from the safety perspective, but it also helps decrease performance pressure on the car’s engine, thus improving fuel economy.

Call- or come to us now on to get yourself a new set of winter tyres and stop looking for “tyres near me.”

You can also buy tyres online from us and schedule a fitting appointment (mobile- or workshop fitting) as well.

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