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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


If you are looking for superior quality summer tyres Bracknell, from premium-, mid- or budget brands, come down to ALS Tyres without giving a second thought.

We are one of the most trusted car tyre retailers in and around your location and boast a colossal inventory of custom-built summer units, available in multiple sizes, that caters to our client's diverse requirements efficiently. Furthermore, our prices are extremely reasonable and can help you save a great deal.

Unique features of summer tyres

Summer car tyres Bracknell are tailor-made, keeping in mind the specific challenges of heated summer tarmacs. Both in terms of tread compound and construction, these units are widely distinct from any regular passenger car tyre and sport some unique features, like:

Hard rubber compound- A summer tyre is constructed with a unique hard rubber compound with lesser natural rubber content. This innovative tread compound prevents the tyre from growing soft under excessive heat and also reduces wear and tear. Furthermore, it also helps these summer tyres Bracknell to effectively manage the heat-build up and therefore reduces the chances of tyre-related road accidents.

Shallow tread depth and grooves- Summer units are customised with a shallow tread depth and groove design. This feature improves its road contact area and hence offers enhanced traction and car handling stability. Further, the unique tread structure also reduces the tyre rolling resistance and provides better fuel efficiency.

Unique tread bars: A summer tyre also comes with unique tread bars which disperse the water from its surface efficiently and improves its aquaplaning resistance for improved wet grip. This feature also improves its wet braking performance and prevents the risk of tyre slippage.

Summer tyres you can avail from us

If you are looking to buy summer tyres Bracknell, check out the best-selling brands that we retail. Here are a few examples:

  • Continental
  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Churchill
  • Blacklion
  • RoadX

Therefore, look no further for summer tyres near me and schedule your appointment with us by calling on 01344 306893.

Please note: You can also shop for your desired tyres online and book an appointment for workshop- or mobile fitting at a location of your choice. Just visit our official website, add some essential details like vehicle registration number etc., and buy your preferred summer tyres Bracknell.

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