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Since 2012, it is mandatory for tyre manufacturers to provide relevant details to the customers about the units to help them choose an ideal tyre set. Installing the right tyres is instrumental in receiving optimal performance from your vehicle.

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Decoding the EU tyre label

It is crucial to understand the label metrics to ensure you purchase a correct set of tyres for your vehicle.

Wet grip: The section is marked from A – G in ascending order based on the tyre’s braking performance on wet roads. Tyres marked A have the best braking ability and traction in wet conditions. This means that the units are capable of fast water dispersion to offer improved aquaplaning resistance. Further, optimal surface contact also ensures a longer tyre service life of these units.

Fuel efficiency: This too is marked from A to G, with A providing the best fuel efficiency, while G offers the worst. The cumulative difference in fuel efficiency of A-rated and G-rated units is nearly 7.5%.

Noise emission: 3 sound bars denote noise levels on an EU tyre label. The purpose behind each of those bars is as follow:

1 wave bar: This means that a particular unit meets all requirements to deliver a quiet and comfortable drive experience. Noise emission from these tyres is at least 3dB less than that of the prescribed level. It also assures that these tyres can adhere to the protocols for at least the next 2 years.

2 wave bars: This denotes that the particular unit meets all the current EU requirements to be road-legal.

3 wave bars: When buying new car tyres Bracknell, you can be sure you are not buying tyres with 3 wave bars. These units do not qualify to be road-legal, as they do not meet the legal mandates.

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