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A vehicle suspension is a complex mechanism that works with intricate components which are exclusively engineered to dampen the vibrations and impacts from the roads. Modern cars are predominantly equipped with an ultra-sensitive suspension that guarantees a smooth and controlled driving experience. Therefore, if you are feeling every pebble and bump even at low speeds, it is time you should opt for suspension servicing from a reliable automobile facility like ours at ALS Tyres.

We provide comprehensive suspension Bracknell. Our expert technicians can diagnose the underlying causes of suspension damage and treat it accordingly. As a vehicle’s suspension module is a complex series of components, our experts can guide you if a suspension replacement Bracknell is necessary.

Signs of a faulty car suspension system:

  • Difficulty in steering

If you are having difficulties with steering especially at low speeds, it may directly indicate a malfunctioning suspension module. Steering and suspension systems are connected together. A problem may arise with a faulty steering pump, a leaking power steering rack or worn control arm bushings. Feel free to visit our garage and let our experts diagnose as well as treat any issue.

  • Poor handling

Poor handling of a car may be caused by misaligned wheels or poor steering response. But with a worn-out suspension system, you may experience a drift or pull to one side. A damaged anti-roll bar may be the reason behind poor handling of a vehicle. As this could further lead to safety issues, you must opt for immediate services from our garage for suspension repair Bracknell.

  • Uneven tyre wear

If you notice that the inner and outer parts of your vehicle tyres are wearing out unevenly, it may be due to the failing suspension system and faulty shock absorber Bracknell. That is why you must opt for a trusted garage like ours who can detect the issue efficiently.

  • Oily shock absorbers

Our experts at ALS Tyres recommend checking vehicle suspension at regular intervals. Therefore, if you notice that the shock absorbers or struts are greasy or oily, it may indicate that these components are leaking. To ensure optimal functioning of these components, you must get the shock absorbers Bracknell checked and replaced by our experienced technicians.

  • Uncomfortable riding experience

One of the most significant jobs of a vehicle suspension is to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience. But if you are feeling every bump on the roads, it is a clear sign that the shock absorbers or struts are not working properly and must be immediately checked. Therefore, your search for car shock absorbers Bracknell ends with us.

How can we help?

As vehicle suspension works in unison with a number of other components, our experts conduct a detailed checking during suspension repair Bracknell services. The parts that we inspect during the process include:

  • Tyres,
  • Steering,
  • Power Steering,
  • Wheel Bearings,
  • Ball Joints,
  • Control Arm, Bushing and Sway Bars,
  • Shocks and Struts, etc.

Equipped with advanced machinery, we, at ALS Tyres, provide efficient suspension services that include replacement of suspension parts using OE-grade spares that guarantees increased longevity.

For more information on car suspension repair Bracknell, services just come to our garage or call us.

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