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Our workshop, ALS Tyres, is your ultimate go-to destination.

We boast an enviable inventory of car tyres from premium, mid-range as well as budget brands suitable for all requirements and customer preferences. Furthermore, we retail units of various rim sizes and from several vehicle and season-specific categories, which meets our clients' diverse requirements efficiently.

The United Kingdom has strict rules regarding tyres that are allowed on the road. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to avail of expert assistance while choosing car tyres Bracknell to ensure both driving comfort and road-worthiness of your vehicle.

A quick view of our tyre inventory

Depending upon respective utility purposes, we have divided our stock into two categories as discussed below.

Season-specific units


We offer you units like Bridgestone Potenza RE0 50A, Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2, etc. These units feature a unique hard rubber compound and shallow tread depth, which offers improved traction and enhanced tyre durability. Furthermore, the innovative tread bars of these tyres Bracknell also improve aquaplaning resistance and offer brilliant wet grip performance.


You can avail of units like Dunlop Winter Sport 5, Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850, etc. from us. These units are constructed with silica-enriched softer rubber compounds, which prevent the tyre from stiffening up even when the temperature falls (below 7-degrees Celsius). Further, the increased tread depth and wider grooves offer a biting grip on ice, snow and slush.


We also retail most of the best-selling all-season units, like Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS, Michelin CrossClimate 2, etc. These units efficiently combine the features of summer and wither tyres and sport a moderate tread structure and intermediate tread depth, which offer optimal traction and grip on both summer and winter roads.

Vehicle-specific units


At ALS Tyres, we retail three types of 4X4 tyres which are: Highway-terrain, Mud-terrain and All-terrain. You can avail of units, like Continental CrossContact ATR, Michelin 4X4 Diamaris, etc. These units feature a reinforced sidewall and robust construction, which effectively manage the heavy chassis weight of an SUV in any road condition. Plus, the aggressive tread structure of these units offers enhanced traction and grip to ensure you can enjoy an uncompromised car handling efficiency on any terrain.


We offer you best-selling performance tyres Bracknell, like Pirelli P Zero, Continental ContiSportContact 5P, etc. These units feature a low aspect ratio and are built with premium soft carcass material which improves their road-holding capacity and ensure enhanced traction and grip even at high speeds.

Apart from these, you can also avail units from other categories, like:

  • Run-Flat Tyres
  • Ultra-High-Performance Tyres, etc.

In the description above we have only mentioned a few examples. On our website you will find many more brands for every purpose and budget.

Therefore, search no further for tyres near me. Come to see us or call us on 01344 306893.

You can also buy tyres Bracknell online from our official website by just filling in some key details, like car registration number, etc., and book a fitting appointment as well.

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