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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


Avail of ALS Tyres’ all-inclusive car summer check Bracknell to make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot part of the year. Our professionals provide a thorough vehicle check along with certain summer-specific services to ensure you experience utmost driving comfort and safety during these months.

What’s included in our summer car service Bracknell?

Oil change

We, at ALS Tyres, will check your car’s engine oil level and top it up with an appropriate grade as necessary.

Windscreen wipers

The wiper blades can crack under extremely hot conditions. During our summer car check Bracknell, we check for both existing and potential cracks to make sure they do not break all of a sudden.


While conducting a summer vehicle service Bracknell, we make sure your car’s tyres are free from any damage and the tyre tread is still sufficient. We will certainly also check the tyre pressure. In case your tyres are no longer sufficient, our team will be happy to advise you and help you choose new ones if you wish.

Air conditioner

The air conditioning system in your vehicle does more than just proving cool air. It helps in ventilation when car windows are closed while lowering the heat inside the car. We will inspect the evaporator, compressor and condenser as well as top up the refrigerant level as necessary.

Cooling system

One of the most crucial aspects of our summer check Bracknell is checking whether your vehicle’s cooling system is working correctly. Car parts under extreme heat can start to malfunction or get damaged. Thus, we replace the coolant, ensuring that it is at the ideal level as per manufacturer specifications.

During our summer check Bracknell, we also check your vehicle’s battery and some other parts.

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Stop searching, bring your car to us and make it summer-ready!

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