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Every time you buy car tyres Bracknell, you can see that all the units feature certain codes and numbers on the tyre sidewalls. But what does this combination of codes and numbers mean?

These codes represent the size or dimension of that unit.

As a reliable tyre retailer, we, ALS Tyres, keep an extensive range of car tyres Bracknell. Additionally, it's our responsibility to help you select the right tyre size as per your vehicle.

To better understand, we have explained each of the size details below by taking an example.

Here, we are considering the tyre size 195/55R16 87V.

195: Section width

A tyre's entire width is measured from one side to another, including extra sidewall items, kerbing ribs, and raised letters. However, the three-digit numeral is the sectional tyre width, measured in millimetre. For instance, here, the tyre's sectional width is 195 mm, which is exclusive of the sidewall elements. Plus, the sectional width of a tyre is considered to be more accurate.

55: Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio or profile of a tyre unit is the distance from the base to the rim. Also referred to as height, the aspect ratio is represented as a ratio between section width and sidewall height. For instance, if you have a tyre showing 195/55, the altitude of this product is 55% of the tyre's section width.

Upon evaluation, the height of the tyre would be 107mm, which is 55% of 195. Besides, new car tyres Bracknell with smaller aspect ratio are appropriate for sports vehicles.

R: Tyre construction

This alphabet denotes a tyre's construction pattern, and for this particular unit, R means radial ply construction.

16: Rim diameter

Rim size is referred to the combination of a tyre's diameter and outer diameter. For the above mentioned unit, R means a radial tyre with a diameter of 16 inches.

87: Load index

Each and every tyre unit comes with a load-bearing capacity and the value is marked on a tyre's sidewall. This is the level up to which a tyre is able to bear the load when moving at a high speed.

V: Speed index

It refers to the maximum speed at which the tyre can be driven safely. In this case, up to 149 mph.

When you buy car tyres Bracknell from our facility, make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle. Our technicians are also there to guide you in choosing the right set of tyres Bracknell because of the following reasons:

  • Make sure to install rightly sized car tyres Bracknell, failing which, your vehicle's body may be lower or higher off the ground.
  • Bigger tyres facilitate your vehicle's top speed and hence, the readings on speedometer come accurate.
  • The wrong set of tyres can affect acceleration and power significantly.

On our website you can now conveniently choose your new tyres by typing in your vehicle’s registration number.

With us at ALS Tyres, you can finally refrain from searching 'tyres near me.'

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