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Types of tyre damages we repair


Every time you hit the road, your car tyres are vulnerable to damage caused by sharp objects, like glass, nails or screws. These objects can penetrate a tyre’s outer material, which causes a puncture. Moreover, if an external object gets too deeply embedded inside the tyre, it creates an escape hole inside the unit, which ultimately leads to a loss of air pressure, thereby putting your safety on the line.

At ALS Tyres, we strictly abide by the BS AU 159 standards for prompt and safe tyre repair Bracknell. Please note that if the tyre is not fit for repairs, we will suggest a replacement instead.

Tyres cannot be repaired if:

  • The damage is larger than 6mm
  • There is damage to the sidewall like cuts, punctures, bulges etc.
  • The damaged tyre is a Run-flat tyre
  • The remaining tyre tread has reached its’ legal limit of 1.6mm

Irregular tread wear

Such a tread wear eventually leads to issues with your vehicle’s traction and handling. However, these are the most common types of irregular tread wear:

  • One-sided wear: It is caused by misalignment of wheels on their axis. Moreover, this uneven amount of wear on one side further affects the wheel’s original alignment.
  • Heel and toe wear: This kind of a tyre damage happens due to normal usage patterns. However, excessive head and toe wear takes place when one side of the tread blocks wears out quicker than the other side circumferentially.
  • Centre wear: This damage occurs due to over-inflation in a tyre. Here, the central part of a tyre tread wears faster than the rest of it.

Tyre repair methods

Based on the type and extent of damage, our experts employ either of these methods for tyre repair Bracknell:

  • Plugging
  • Patching
  • A combination of plug and patch

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