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Michelin Tyres

Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies globally, currently operating in over 100 countries.

Michelin tyres Bracknell are very popular due to their excellent manoeuvring ability and driving comfort.

ALS Tyres stores an all-inclusive range of Michelin tyres, so searching for “premium tyres near me” is no longer necessary.

Michelin tyres we store are:

Summer: These Michelin units come with a hard rubber compound and advanced groove pattern, facilitating optimum surface contact and minimal wear and tears. Moreover, a shallow tread design reduces aquaplaning risks significantly. Thus, Michelin units deliver optimal performance in both dry and wet conditions.

Popular Michelin summer tyres Bracknell are:

  • Pilot Sport 4
  • Pilot Sport 4 S

Winter: Michelin manufactures car tyres with premium soft rubber to ensure extra safety due to their fantastic grip. Further, these tyres deliver a quiet and comfortable drive, even in demanding conditions.

Some popular Michelin car tyres Bracknell for winter are:

  • Michelin Alpin 6
  • Michelin Alpin PA4

All-season: If you are looking to reduce your expenses by using a set of tyres throughout the year, Michelin’s all-season units are an ideal solution. They deliver reliable traction and braking performance in both dry and wet conditions. Moreover, wider shoulder blocks and strong carcass structure help the tyres to hold shape even in challenging circumstances.

Some of the preferred all-season Michelin tyres Bracknell are:

  • CrossClimate+
  • CrossClimate

High performance: These tyres are built to deliver an enhanced response and control at high speeds. Michelin units are OE to cars from brands like Range Rover, Audi, and the likes because of their reliable braking- and excellent handling ability. This helps to deliver a safe, comfortable and quiet drive.

Popular Michelin performance car tyres Bracknell are:

  • Pilot Sport Cup To Connect
  • Pilot Super Sport

Some other types of Michelin tyres we stock are:

4x4 tyres

  • CrossClimate SUV


  • Michelin Zero Pressure (ZP)

Why ALS Tyres?

We have a team of experts to help you if you are looking to buy Michelin tyres Bracknell. All you need to do is give us a call on 01344306893 for any advice.

You can also directly come to our workshop and have a look at our range of Michelin car tyres Bracknell. Or, you can order online and either book a fitting appointment at our garage or choose our mobile tyre-fitting service at a location of your convenience.

We are happy to help!

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