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    Situated in Surrey, Camberley is a pristine town roughly 30 miles from Central London, close to Hampshire and Berkshire’s borders. The city lies to the M3 motorway’s north, which connects the Sunbury-on-north and Eastleigh. If you are a resident around these parts or regularly visit the neighbourhood, consider noting down a reputed garage’s number, just in case you run a flat, or some vehicular issue crops up.

    We understand that you want nothing but the best for your car, which is why we recommend a visit to ALS Tyres. Here we have a wide range of tyres Camberley from several manufacturers like –

    • Firestone
    • Bridgestone
    • Dunlop
    • Goodyear
    • Hankook
    • Uniroyal
    • Continental
    • Avon
    • Michelin
    • Pirelli
    • Yokohama

    We also offer a wide range of tyres from budget brands for your cheap tyres Camberley searches like RoadX, Churchill and Blacklion. All tyres available in our inventory come with their EU Labels attached. These labels help in understanding factors like-

    Fuel efficiency: the rolling resistance of the tyre is measured

    Wet grip: Braking distance on wet and slippery roads can be understood from this factor.

    Sound emission: This measures the external sound emission of the tyre. Sound wave symbols denote this factor.

    If you still have trouble understanding which tyre to go for, our technicians will be more than happy to help. They will suggest you the ideal tyre based on your usage pattern and budget.

    You can also book an appointment for a mobile tyre-fitting Camberley. With this service, you can book a technician to visit your desired place for a tyre fitment session.

    With all these added benefits, be rest assured ALS Tyres will end your “tyres near me” searches.

    Misaligned wheels are one of the most significant and ignored issues by UK car owners. At ALS Tyres, we make rectifications of misaligned wheels promptly. With our Hunter HakEye Elite, a misalignment in the suspension angles is identified as quickly as 90 seconds.

    Our technicians then realign the three suspension angles –

    • Camber
    • Caster
    • Toe, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, enhancing the roadworthiness of your car.

    We also offer other services like –

    • Puncture repair
    • Tyre pressure checks

    With our garages available at three different locations near you, pick your favourite and head to ALS Tyres today. Call us on 0134 430 6893 for bookings and more information.

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