Tyres Chineham

    Chineham is a civil parish on Basingstoke’s outskirts, situated 3 miles northeast of central Basingstoke and north of the A3 road. The region is densely populated with good roadway connections to Basingstoke, Reading, and the M3 motorway. However, multiple drives to and from the region may have worn out your car tyres.

    If you are looking for quality “tyres near me”, visit one of ALS Tyres’ branches and end your search with us.

    Tyres Chineham

    At our workshop, we store high-quality tyres at affordable rates. Take a peek at our popular tyre variants –

    All-season tyres

    These are the ideal set of tyres for year-long durability. The moderately hard compound makes the tyre dependable and sturdy. Its unique tread pattern is designed to prevent aquaplaning in colder conditions. Additionally, these tyres have a moderate tread depth that allows them to adapt to varying temperatures quickly.

    Summer tyres

    The unique compound with less natural rubber content makes summer tyres more durable. Their unique design effectively manages the heat-build up, reducing the chance of tyre-related road accidents. Its shallow tread depth and grooves provide better grip and cornering precision. The special tread bars also help in dispersing water from the path efficiently, making the tyre aquaplaning resistant. 

    Winter tyres

    Made with a specialised rubber compound that remains flexible even at low temperatures, winter tyres offer better grip and handling control in temperatures below 7-degree centigrade. The tyres also reduce the braking distance and provide better traction because of denser 2D and 3D sipes infused into the rubber compound, which bites onto the ground’s unevenness.

    Performance tyres

    These tyres are ideal for luxury and sports vehicles. These high-end tyres are built with natural silica-infused rubber compounds, featuring lower and shorter sidewall. These tyres can attain high speed ranging about 150 MPH and above, without any issue.

    We have these tyres available across premium, mid-range, and budget brands, providing you with premium and cheap tyres Chineham.

    Hunter wheel alignment Chineham

    We use high-end equipment like Hunter HawkEye Elite at our facility, designed to realign wheels in no time. We perform the misalignment assessment within 90 seconds, after which we rectify your car’s camber, caster, and toe angles.

    We also provide other services like tyre pressure check and tyre puncture repair. You can also opt for our services of mobile tyre-fitting Chineham. Call us on 0134 430 6893, and we will reach your location with all the necessary equipment.

    You can avail these services at any of our three garages. For further details or bookings, call us on 0134 430 6893.

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