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    Tongham is a parish in Surrey's northeast town of Farnham and adjoins the A31 and A331 roads that connect it to the other parts of Surrey and Great Britain. Due to the hamlet's beautiful natural landscape coupled with several amenity stores and good transport connectivity, the area is gaining popularity and growing steadily. If you are a resident of this hamlet or regularly drive by the region, remember ALS Tyres should you face any vehicular issue.

    We are one of the most reliable garages in the region, offering value-for-money car services, repair and maintenance. We stock our inventory with quality tyres from some of the best tyre brands at affordable rates. If you have been looking for tyres near me, search no further. We have you covered!

    Tyres Tongham

    Let's take a look at some of the best-selling variants available at our facility:

    Summer tyres

    Made with a unique hard rubber compound with less natural rubber content, these tyres provide you with enhanced grip and cornering precision. Their shallow tread depth and grooves ensure optimum comfort and control on both dry and wet roads. Besides, their unique tread bars make them aquaplaning resistant too.

    Winter tyres

    As the name suggests, these tyres are designed to reduce braking distance and offer enhanced grip even on icy, snow-covered roads. Moreover, their softer tread compound copes well with the low-temperature conditions and provides improved traction.

    All-season tyres

    These tyres are equipped to work well on varying temperatures and offer year-long stability. The complex compound and moderate tread depth ensure they adapt to changing temperatures quickly and provide excellent grip and handling control.

    Ultra-high-performance tyres

    These tyres are made for high-performance luxury and sports cars to offer paramount driving control at high speed.

    4x4 tyres

    These are specially manufactured to carry heavyweights, even on rough terrains. The silica-enriched rubber compound allows you to smoothly glide over the rugged terrain without affecting its steering response. The reinforced sidewalls provide better safety, exceptional performance, durability and absolute safety both on and off-road.

    We retail both high-end and cheap tyres Tongham from trustworthy brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Blacklion, Churchill and RoadX, and more to fit your price range.

    Need an immediate tyre fitment but don't have the time to visit a garage? Worry not. Call us on 0134 430 6893 and opt for our services of mobile tyre-fitting Tongham. Book our fitment service 24 hours in advance, and we will reach your location with all the necessary equipment. Nonetheless, during an emergency, we will provide the tyre fitment service within 2 hours, depending upon availability.

    Hunter wheel alignment Tongham

    You can drive down to our garage and avail our services of wheel alignment Tongham. We will fix your car's misaligned wheel-suspension angles – caster, camber, and toe – with minimum TAT using our advanced Hunter HawkEye Elite equipment, designed to provide 100% accurate wheel alignment every time.

    For bookings and more information, feel free to call us on 0134 430 6893.

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