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The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) in your car is equipped to notify you in real time about potentially unsafe driving conditions by relaying the tyre pressure data with audio or visual signals. Incorrect tyre pressure directly influences a car’s manoeuvrability and causes the vehicle to drag due to increased rolling resistance.

So, as soon as you come across any sign of incorrect tyre pressure or notice the TPMS warning light blinking on the car dashboard, drive down to ALS Tyres.

We are one of the most reliable names when it comes to TPMS servicing Bracknell. Our facility is well equipped to change TPMS sensors in all car makes and models.

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Types of TPMS Bracknell

Based on the underlying technology, TPMS sensors can be classified as indirect and direct.

In direct TPMS, your car’s ECU records tyre pressure data directly from the tyre valves through 4 dedicated TMPS sensors. Meanwhile, in indirect TPMS, the ECU presents an approximate tyre pressure value by analysing data from the ABS wheel speed sensors.

Irrespective of the type of TPMS sensor installed, a warning light on the dashboard starts blinking as soon as tyre pressure in any one of the tyres falls below 25% of the recommended range.

You can rely on our facility for direct and indirect TPMS replacement Bracknell. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the sensor and replace it using OE-grade spares if the situation calls for it.

Common TPMS sensor issues

Note that even though all cars manufactured post-2008 come equipped with TPMS sensors, this does not mean that they can replace manual tyre pressure checks. A TPMS sensor is not “fool proof”, and there are several situations where drivers can see the sensor warning light blinking despite adequate tyre pressure.

With an industry experience of over a decade, our technicians can readily point out the common reasons why your car’s TPMS may show false positives. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • One of the most common reasons that our customers come for TPMS replacement Bracknell is incorrectly calibrated sensors. Different vehicle categories will have different standard air pressure because they serve various purposes.

For example, normal air pressures of Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus will obviously be different, and the TPMS needs to be calibrated accordingly.

    • False alarms can also be caused by a depleted TPMS battery, which can falter the electrical components of the sensor. At ALS Tyres, you can also find OE-grade sensor batteries at reasonable pricing.
    • If you recently opted for wheel balancing or wheel alignment services, you must ensure that the TPMS is recalibrated to the manufacturer specifications. Else, it may register false positives.

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We have noticed that several car owners search for “how to replace TPMS battery” in the hope of DIYing TPMS servicing. However, it is an intricate process, and you should instead rely on experts for the same.

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