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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Are you looking for reliable automobile garages that can offer affordable and efficient wheel alignment services?

Put an end to your search and visit ALS Tyres.

We are a trusted wheel alignment garage Bracknell. Our experts have many years of experience in this field. They can easily re-align the faulty axle geometry of a wide range of vehicles using cutting-edge Hunter wheel alignment technology.

What causes faulty wheel alignment?

There are several factors that lead to faulty wheel alignment like:

  • Sudden impacts like hitting a curb, driving through a pothole or over a speed breaker at a higher speed etc.
  • Worn-out shock-absorbers.
  • Undertaking car height modification without properly adjusting the suspension to suit it, etc.

Hazards of misaligned wheels

Irrespective of the cause, misaligned wheels severely impair the car handling stability and leads to several hazards that can jeopardise your safety. Faulty wheel alignment causes tyres to wear out faster and unevenly, which increases the chances of a tyre blowout and related road accidents. Further, misaligned wheels have greater rolling resistance, and therefore, offer poor fuel economy and braking performance.

Therefore, experts recommend availing a routine precautionary wheel alignment check after every 5000-6000 miles. However, since the chassis system of every car is significantly different, it is essential to visit an expert wheel alignment garage Bracknell which can offer adequate and vehicle-specific checks and adjustments.

Warning signs of faulty wheel alignment

If your car’s wheels are not optimally aligned, they will show some distinct warning signs like:

  • An increased drift of the vehicle towards the left or right.
  • Crooked and vibrating steering wheel.
  • Unusual tyre wear.
  • Inefficient steering response.
  • Strange squealing noise from the tyres.

However, it may often become difficult for you to differentiate between the symptoms of faulty wheel balancing and wheel alignment; therefore, we recommend you to come to us for expert assistance.

Why us?

ALS Tyres is one of the few automobile garages in and around your location that offers Hunter 4 wheel alignment Bracknell. We are equipped with the technologically advanced HawkEye Elite machine that uses 4 precision cameras and Hunter’s patented QuickGrip adaptors to measure the camber, caster and toe angles of your vehicle’s axle geometry and identifies even the slightest misalignment in just 90 seconds.

The QuickGrip adaptors feature a special spring-loaded arm that grips on to the tyre without any metal to metal contact and therefore helps us to conduct the wheel alignment session without any damage to the rim.

Furthermore, the Hunter patented QuickComp allows our experts to perform rolling compensation which is essential to take account of any wheel mounting or run-out error, with just one roll forward.

For the best wheel alignment success, it is also essential to re-set the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) to ensure an uncompromised steering response in any road condition. The HawkEye Elite code link system at our garage can conveniently re-set the SAS of almost 99% vehicle segments within a few minutes.

Therefore, search no further for wheel alignment garage near me and come down to us at the earliest.

With over 10 years of experience, our experts can take care of your vehicle’s respective needs and re-align the faulty wheel angles to the manufacturer-recommended specifications perfectly.

To know more, please call us on 01344 306893.

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