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    Woodley is a town and civil parish located in Berkshire, England. The place is a popular tourist attraction with notable spots like Goals Gillette Corner, Sandford Park, which witnesses several commuters on personal cars and vehicles.

    The main concern that plagues all the visitors and car owners in Woodley is the unavailability of a reliable automobile workshop to assist with any tyre or service related requirements.

    However, with ALS Tyres now extending its services in the location, the problem stands resolved. Whether you need tyres Woodley or any other car service requirements, we have got you covered.

    Please read below to learn more about us.

    Our range of tyres

    Whether you are looking for cheap tyres Woodley or models from premium brands, our inventory will meet all your needs adequately. We offer you tyres from some of the best manufacturers suitable for all needs and budgets.

    Let's takes a look at our best-selling tyre brands-


    • Bridgestone
    • Goodyear
    • Michelin
    • Pirelli
    • Continental


    • Uniroyal
    • Hankook
    • Yokohama

    Cheap tyres Woodley-

    • RoadX
    • Churchill
    • Blacklion
    • Jinyu
    • Rotalla etc.

    All these tyres are available online. To buy tyres online, visit our online tyre portal and take your pick.

    Furthermore, we also extend cost-effective services of mobile tyre-fitting Woodley. We will try to reach you within the least time possible and carry all necessary equipment to offer hassle-free tyre fitting service at your doorstep. We will also conduct services of wheel balancing to ensure your on-road driving safety is never compromised.

    Other services

    Hunter wheel alignment Woodley: A precautionary wheel alignment check after every 5000-6000 miles is extremely crucial to ensure an efficient and safe car handling experience. But due to several factors, you might require to avail of the service earlier than the recommended timeline. Therefore if you notice any warning signs like:

    • Reduced fuel efficiency
    • Consistent pull of the vehicle in one direction while driving straight
    • Frequent and uneven tread wear etc., come down to us at the earliest.

    We offer affordable hunter wheel alignment checks and rectify the misaligned wheels to their original make in minimum TAT.

    Puncture repair

    Our services of puncture repair Woodley is also highly sought after in and around your location. Our experts carry out a thorough inspection of the extent of the damage on several parameters like:

    • The puncture is not in the sidewall.
    • The size of the puncture is not more than 6mm.
    • There are no major rubber cracks, etc.

    If your vehicle's tyre successfully meets these parameters, we will repair the tyre by adhering to BS AU 159 guidelines for efficient results and enhanced safety. Otherwise, we suggest you opt for tyre replacements.

    Therefore, look no further and come down to our workshop.

    To schedule an appointment, give us a call.

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