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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is an Italian tyre manufacturer since 1872. An initiative by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the brand has been offering outstanding car tyres with innovative technology for nearly 150 years. A globally revered brand, Pirelli units are popular among clients looking to buy car premium tyres in Bracknell.

We at ALS Tyres stock an exhaustive range of Pirelli tyres Bracknell to cater to our clients’ varied requirements. Pirelli tyres are manufactured with state-of-the-art patented technology, enabling them to deliver superlative performance under every condition.

Popular categories of Pirelli tyres are:

Winter tyres: Winter units from Pirelli deliver top of the class performance in extreme wintry and wet conditions. Soft rubber and silica compounds in the tyre carcass help rapidly evacuate water from the surface and prevent any clogging of the grooves, ensuring optimal grip, supreme handling performance and, safety even in the harshest conditions.

Examples of popular winter Pirelli car tyres Bracknell are:

  • P-Zero Winter
  • Cinturato Winter

Summer tyres: Pirelli’s summer range can meet your dry road-driving requisites, as well as delivering a stable wet track performance. Harder rubber compound distinctly reduces braking distance and gives optimum and economic performance for a more extended period. Further, these tyres have advanced tread design, reducing wear and tear of your tyres and enhancing their service life considerably.

Tyres Bracknell in high demand for summers:

  • P-Zero Corsa
  • Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

All-season: You can buy Pirelli tyres Bracknell of this type for a comfortable and stable driving experience on both dry and wet conditions all year-round. Advanced rubber and silica compound in these units ensure a safer experience for you and others around you.

Popular Pirelli all-season tyres Bracknell are:

  • Cinturato All Season Plus
  • Scorpion Allterrain Plus

Our experts can help you with choosing the right tyre type if you are wondering which one will suit you the best based on your driving routine.

Our inventory also has the following range of units from this brand:

Performance tyres: Built for high-performance cars, these units hold their shape and stability at extreme speeds without compromising their handling and cornering control. Premium rubber compound also ensures a drastically improved braking performance, keeping in mind your safety.

SUV/4x4 tyres: SUV Pirelli tyres Bracknell have stiff sidewalls and an advanced carcass structure to maintain their on- and off-road handling performances. In our inventory you will find different variants of 4x4 tyres for different vehicles and driving preferences.

Run-flats (P-Zero™): These tyres are capable of self-sealing any rapid air pressure loss due to foreign object intrusions. As a result, you can safely drive for about 50 mph at a reduced speed - a feature to help you safely reach your nearest service garage.

Why are Pirelli tyres famous?

Pirelli is known for its involvement in racing sports and also for investing in R&D extensively, including patented attributes and technology in their tyres. Some of these are:

  • PNCS
  • Run-flat
  • Seal-Inside

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